I took these pictures when it was -10. I figured the deer came out to sun themselves, but it turned out it was about food, too. Always about eating. Then they did something I didn't expect!

I was indisposed when the big thing happened, so I couldn't get pictures, but it was awesome!  Nature in all it's goofiness. Ellen and Mark were laying down. Harold came out from the trees, walked up to Ellen, stood there a second or two...then tapped Ellen on the back with his hoof.

No reaction.

So Harold moved on to Mark. Tapped mark. Mark looked around and I swear, sneered at Harold. Harold looked away. Then when Mark wasn't looking, tapped him again! Mark's head sprung around fast! Harold pretended he'd done nothing. Nuttin' at all.

Then he slowly moved his hoof over...and tapped Mark fast and hard!  Mark was up like lightening. He chased Harold away, then settled down again. Harold ran to the other side of the yard, and walked back into the wood a bit, and made his way BACK to where Mark was laying down.

Guess what he did....right! He started to tap Mark again, but as Harold moved his leg out, Mark turned and looked at him...Harold's leg froze in place...then slowly moved back into place. Harold sat down and stopped fussing.

It was..,so great. SO great.

Here are the pics I did get. Notice pic number three...Harold causing trouble again.

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