Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon?

It's Hot Air Balloon Day! It's gotta be about ten or eleven years since the one time I got to go up in one. It was a brilliant plan, really. When you jump off thirteen stories into a bucket of water on Friday The 13th for good luck, where can you go from there, but UP, right? Up, up and awaaaaaaay!!!! That's where I started at a Morning Show Stunt Man. We found the tallest building in town, which just happened to be a senior living apartment. I grabbed my blankie for a cap and borrowed a WWII helmet and a pair of goggles - that went OVER my glasses. There was a little boy that MADE his parents find where I was - he just had to see the jump. He asked if I would bungee-jump off the bridge over the river. I told him I'd think about it and he should keep listening. I got a call from a nurse that was expecting to see me wheeled into her ER. She asked if I was alright. She couldn't bear to listen to my screams of pain and agony. She. Did. The. Un. Think. Able. I assured her that my cape was equipped with both a parachute and acted as a glider like Batman's. I would live to fly another day.

That day was a little while later. I think it's been maybe ten or eleven years. It was a Hot Air Balloon Day - but unlike any other. On this day, I would be "Santa", reindeering down prizes over the baseball diamond. The balloon crew was precision! They checked wind - speed and direction. In no time they had the balloon inflated - they just asked me to talk some hot air into it - HA! I'm such a kidder!

One thing I will never forget is that we didn't so much launch as we floated away. The ground melted away beneath the basket. If YOU've ever been up in one, it's so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. You barely hear the wind. You do hear the jets continue to keep the balloon inflated.

Now, I have a healthy respect for heights. We keep our distance from each other. But, ever since, I have been trying to sell my wife on celebrating our anniversary with a hot air balloon ride.

I'm STILL trying to sell her on the idea. Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed.

Have you ever been? What's the coolest thing about the experience for you?

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