I ran across an blog that made some mighty big claims about Utah. The article was called, "13 Extremely Weird Things Only People From Utah Do" and, mostly, we do the same stuff here in Minnesota, too. For example, 

  • We go to work and school when it snows.
  • Utahns change lanes without using a turn signal.
  • We use alternative swear words.

In order, Yep, even when it's 10 inches of snow. Also, some folks say Iowans are the ones that don't use their turn signal, but believe me, it happens in every state, ESPECIALLY Minnesota. And finally...Oh-fer-great-corn-sake! We do that too, then.


Now, she talked about two things that are original to Utah/Idaho (I've heard/seen 'em only in those two states) and missed a really big one.

First, scones. She says, "We eat our "scones" deep friend" and there may be other places that do that, but Idaho/Utah's the only place I've seen it. If you're not getting scones, what are you getting? Fry bread. But who cares? You slather it with butter and home-made jam and it tastes amazing!

Meliha Gojak

Second, fry sauce. A mixture of mayo and ketchup. Is ketchup too spicy or mayo too bland? Who knows. Some say it was invented in Utah, others in Idaho. I don't get into a fight about it because I like mayo as is, and ketchup isn't too spicy for me, so unless you add relish to the mixture, I'm out. But it is definitely unique to Utah/Idaho.

Finally...she missed one.

That thing there, that holds stuff? They call it something WAY different than we do. Their name makes sense, just like ours, but it is so different, you wouldn't guess it in a million years. You'd have to Google it.

A Jockey Box.

Was I right or was I right? It is NOT what we call it...not even close.

This blog explained it this way...

"Jockey box" is a relic of the now-obsolete sense of "jockey" meaning "a carriage or wagon driver." A "jockey box" was a small locked box under the driver's seat, used for storing tools, the driver's own personal effects, or other valuables. As horse-drawn carriages were replaced by automobiles, the term "jockey box" came to be applied to the glove box.

OK then.