Christmas shopping is stressful, but it’s not the actual buying stuff that’s the problem, it’s the human dough-head element…what angers us the most in the 507?

Rude people. Overwhelmingly, that was the number one response. Customers, clerks, or people just walking around, rudeness is it.

chicken in wal mart aigl small

Rudeness takes many forms, for instance, thanks to Holly Jo Johnson, we know that some dough-headed Wal-Mart shopper thinks the world is their garbage can (and maybe ate the chicken before having to pay for it, which is even worse!)

A huge peeve of mine is people thinking they’re in an empty store/mall/parking lot. They must think it’s empty because they seem totally unaware of the people around them.

Katherine, Michelle, and Angela nail it!

Katherine Boelen When the person walking ahead of you randomly stops without pulling off to the side. Aisles are just like the road in my opinion, keep your butt to the right!

Michelle Stoltz People having a family reunion in the aisles and blocking the aisle AND or people Talking on their cell phones loudly TAKE IT OUTSIDE PEOPLE

Angela Martin People texting and trying to walk so they run into your 3yr old......grrrrr

And finally, Sheri lays down some phat truth…

Sheri Johnson My overspending

Special award goes to Carol for loading Christmas with politics. That's super.

JerryandCarol Burgr Not enough cashiers, because the government makes it easy to mooch off and collect money, so why work!!?? I feel sorry for the workers, because they are short staffed and feel really rushed with the long lines. Carol


Most Wanted
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