Yesterday, I met the greatest spokesperson. 11-year-old Addie, the daughter of Dan Sweeney. She stopped by to deliver sweets from the Great Harvest Bread Company and I learned two things. a) She rocks and ii) She has awesomely weird tastes in sandwiches! ((high five))

I love getting deliciousness delivered. It may be one of the best things about being a radio guy. "Hey James, you love Great Harvest Bread Company, wanna be their spokesperson?" Hmmm...will they deliver deliciousness?  "Yes!" Thennnn yes!

So, Dan Sweeney, the king of GHBC, brings boxes and boxes of love to the station. It's great. Really. But yesterday, Addie came along and when I asked her to tell me what was in the box, she instantly went in to demo mode and rocked it!

When I asked her about her favorite weird sandwich topping, her answer surprised me. First, because I never thought about it, and second because it sounded so good!