A - Attitudes. There is a weird mix of people that love Rochester, and then there are many that love to hate Rochester.

B - Bike paths

C - Crows and construction GALORE

D - Drivers be crazy

E - Everybody works at Mayo. Seriously...

F - Famous visitors

G - Geeeeeese

H - Half streets! Why so many half streets??

I - Insects: mosquitoes, lady bugs, stink bugs...

J - Jay walkers. It's real bad in downtown


L - Land of no natural lakes

M - Mother Mayo!

N - Nurses everywhere

O - Opportunities

P - Passive aggressive personalities

Q - Quality of living. Always named one of the best places to live.

R - Renting a mediocre place in Rochester will cost you a pretty penny

S - Second Street Waving Guy

T - Thursdays on 1st & 3rd

U - Unpredictable weather

V - Volunteers. There are more non-profits per capita in Rochester than any other city in the world.

W - Water tower! One of the best in the country... Or so they say lol

X - TedX Zumbro River

Y - You're just a short drive from the Twin Cities

Z - Zero places to park in downtown


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