You know what? We have a LOT of cute babies in Southeastern Minnesota. A. Lot! I know this because the other day was National Baby Picture Day and so many people shared their cuties! The dimples, the chubby arms and thighs, the bright eyes, and the sleeping angel looks, too. Most people don't think of me as a baby-crazy-fool, but they'd be wrong. I love 'em.

Before the pictures, some quick baby facts (source)...

  • Do you love salt? You didn't when you were four months old. You couldn't even taste it then.
  • Your eyes are about 75% bigger now than when you were born.
  • Other primates don't smile at their parents. But we do because we're awesome.
  • A Russian woman gave birth to 69 babies between 1725 to 1765! 16 sets of twins, some triplets, and some quads, too!
  • A baby can't see the difference between mom and other people, but it sure can smell and hear the difference. It takes a few weeks for the seeing thing to kick in

NOTE: Not all baby pictures were included in this photo album. Professional pictures or pictures that appeared to be professional were not used due to lack of permission. If the picture you posted is missing in error, drop me an email HERE.

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