I wish they'd release the entire video of this bear playing piano. What's missing? I'll tell you what's missing.

His vest and jaunty hat...and jokes!  You know he sat down and pretended to be Comedy Piano Bear. It a dream of all bears to be as famous and as funny as Comedy Piano Bear.


If you haven't seen his schtick, it's said he walks out on stage, sits at the piano, and starts playing classical music. That lasts about a minute, and suddenly, he starts playing and singing, 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey, and he's off and running! Jokes, stories, dancing, and even a serious thought or two.

Then he eats the entire audience.

Oh my gosh. It just occurred to me. The bear in the video IS Comedy Piano Bear, but he's traveling incognito! Well, this means a tour might be right around the corner. Just the thought of seeing him live gets me all jumpy.

I can bearly stand it.

That one time I played in the Bamber Valley Elementary Band.

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