Everybody's got a favorite Christmas carol. What's yours? Let me tell you a little about mine.

I started my radio career in the mid-'90's in Rockford, IL.

One of the Hot, New Breaking Artists was a guy named John Berry. What he did to set himself apart, and be more unique and memorable was he started his shows from the back of the crowd, up in the cheap seats. He sang his way to the stage, shaking babies and kissing hands. Wait, scratch that, reverse it. But how cool is it, the guy sitting next to you at a concert, is the guy you bought the ticket to see! And he gives you that one on one, up close and personal performance.

Before it became the CMA Country Music Festival, it was Fan Fair, at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Each artist had a booth to meet fans at. John Berry's was his front porch, with his motorcycle on it.

One of his fans that came to the booth was deaf. She wanted to experience him singing O Holy Night. She wanted to put her hand on his neck to feel the vibration of his vocal chords as he sang the song.

I know, right?!

A poll by Saint Leo University Polling Institute came up with the top Christmas carols. O Holy Night wasn't in the top ten or even the top five. The number one song was Silent Night.

That's okay. Everybody's got their own favorite song.