A new study has named the Boundary Waters as one of the most relaxing places in the world. Unify Cosmos is a personal development and personal growth website promoting mediation and spiritual initiatives has ranked the Boundary Waters as the 5th most relaxing destination to find the most relaxing sounds in the entire world.

Unify Cosmos said:

The Boundary Waters' network of waterways, vast landscape and sheer size "make it a perfect destination for both those looking for recreational activities and for those in pursuit of relaxation and escapism.

For the study Unify Cosmos used search volume data to find the most searched relaxing spots around the world combining a list of 50 places around the world. From their they assembled a sound board so people could listen and experience each destination from anywhere and anytime.

Unify Cosmos it is important to take the time to stop and listen to your natural surroundings which can help boost your sense of well being, increase your sense of generosity, enhance your satisfaction in life and calm your senses and help you find your sense of self. Now more than ever with the COVID-19 Pandemic and overall tensions we are experiencing right now this is an important lesson for all of us to try and adhere too.

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Living in the Northland we should consider ourselves lucky that we have so many areas that we can get away from it all on foot, bike or short car ride. And of course a trip to Ely to get to the Boundary Waters is an easy road trip from here. So where does The Boundary Waters stand compared to the rest of the world? Here is the complete Top 10 List from the study.

    • Yosemite California
    • Ondo Beach in the Dominican Republic
    •  Jökulsárlón, Iceland
    • Aegean Islands, Greece
    • The Boundary Waters
    • Siargao Island Beach in the Phillippines
    • Mount Fuji, Japan
    •  Nova Scotia Shores, Canada
    • Makena Beach in Maui, Hawaii
    • The Tatra Mountains in Poland

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