I love breakfast. Heck, everyone loves breakfast. I think I'm going to open a restaurant called BFDS and make a fortune! Breakfast for Dinner / Supper would be closed in the morning (to give the other breakfast places a chance), but open from 11AM - 2AM. I'm doing research each Sunday, today in Lewiston.

The Recreation Bar and Cafe is nothing fancy from the outside...and honestly, the non-bar part isn't all fancy either. But the staff was really friendly and the food was good! The menu had the usual breakfast stuff, plus a taco omelet, which I ordered. Never had one, thought I'd give it the ol' whirl.

CREDIT: Semaj Ebar

While I waited for the cook to do the thing with the food, I looked over the menu. Not so much at the food, but they way they talk about the food. In some places, they have fun names, like Eggs Benedict Arnold. Up around Marionette there's a restaurant that serves an El Guapo Omelet, which, of course, has a plethora of ingredients. No funny names on this menu, but I was impressed with their salady honesty. So many places offer a "garden salad" or a "side salad" and all it is is a bunch of lettuce with dressing.

The taco omelet was good! The ingredients tasted fresh, the cheese level was perfect. I like minimal cheese on my omelets and usually, after asking for "light on the cheese" I get about a cup of cheese melted on the thing.Well done cook, you won my heart by not being cheesy.


After breakfast I perused the bar...my kinda joint, especially their tap beer selection  I like what they're saying with that. They do what they want...you don't like it, fine, here's a can of Schlitz.*.

*I have no idea if they serve Schlitz.