See that house right there? It has the coolest basement in Austin, Minnesota. You're going to want to see these pictures!

I don't know how you spend your spare time, but I can spend a surprising number of hours looking at homes for sale. I'm not looking for a place to buy, I just love looking at what's for sale, how people decorate their home, and, if I drive by the place enough, if the outside matches the inside (pro-looky-loo tip: they almost never match).

When I saw my friend Tracy's home for sale in Austin, I took the virtual tour and discovered what can only be the Best Basement in Austin!  Yeah, the upstairs is great (see the whole house here), the kitchen is cool (nice backsplash!), but what caught my eye? The bar in the basement!

Holy moly! It is huge and pink and huge and retro and...really, the kinda place I wish I had in my basement. If I had a basement. Which I'm not looking to buy, realtors, so back off!  I can see you reaching for your notepad. (Kidding-not-kidding about not wanting to buy, tho. Seriously. Not. Looking. To. Buy.)