Are you married or happy?

Happily Ever After

So, this May 6th, my wife, Cathy, and I celebrate our 26th anniversary. That's "Purple Heart", right?

There's this new study that says with a $30,000 wedding, couples will spend $7,750 a year over 45 years to keep their marriage HAPPY. That's a total of $381,000!

That's $922 a year on weekend getaways.

$277 a year on lingerie.

$680 a year for jewelry.

$435 a year for gifts and surprises.

There are a couple things I don't see on that list... beer and comic books. Maybe that falls under gifts and surprises. There are some things like a Netflix subscription, drinks and snacks for date nights in. It costs $800 a year just to have a quiet date night at home.

How do you and your partner keep your relationship happy? Is it with the little things? Like, say breakfast in bed or trading responsibilities? Share that in the comments below.