Dave Berg will be hanging out at Rochester on Tap this Saturday afternoon at the Mayo Civic Center, and he and I made a bet, but to keep it classy, we called it a "Challenge!" And you end up with Rochester on Tap tickets, so...

Here's the deal, I challenged Dave Berg to get at least 25 selfies with people at Rochester on Tap. That may sound easy, but this is radio, and we can't make it easy, can we? Noooo...there's a catch.

Dave can only say, 'You look like a snow angel!"

That's right...the only way he can get the picture is to say...

You look like a snow angel!

If he does it, I'll deliver donuts when he's working! If he doesn't...he's agreed to let me plan and make him perform, any stunt Tracy and I can dream up. Oh...the possibilities!

But wait...how does this turn into Rochester on Tap tickets for you?

We have a bunch of tickets to give-away. Just enter below and vote...yes or no. That's it. You're in to win the tickets no matter how you vote!

Plus, everyone that votes correctly will go into a second chance drawing to win $60 worth of Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe Gift Cards!

  • Step one...enter.
  • Step two...cross your fingers 'til Friday morning when we draw the winners!
  • Step three...hope you win some delicious meat!