Last night I was talking to a mom about her son playing football for Byron and it got me thinking about the ONE bad football bet I made. It's also known as, "The Day James Was Waxed". And yes, there's video.

I was living in Twin Fall, ID, when I made a bet. If the Canyon Ridge River Hawks lost to the Twin Falls Bruins in high school football, I'd get waxed. I was pretty confident I'd win, but I was new to town and should NOT have been so confident. By the time the game ended, the Bruins stomped the Riverhawks 23-0.

I cringed when they lost because it meant I had to have my leg waxed. I cringed, but, not being a welsher, I lined up Miss Jeannie and Katie and some of their students), from D&L Academy of Hair Design, to come by the studio and wax the living daylights out of my leg.

Back Camera
CREDIT: James Rabe Collection

They showed up at 7AM, set up their torture chamber and, by 7:50AM I was experiencing a special kind of pain, as, live on the air, and with smiles on their faces, the fiends went to work.

It’s hard to see, but they actually ripped off my tan! I’ve never had a tan before…I was sorry to see it go. ((sad tanned leg trombone))

Honestly…it hurt like crazy. The ladies in the room mentioned that my low tolerance for pain is exactly why men don’t have babies. I couldn’t argue. Did I mention it hurt? A LOT? Especially on the sides and back. Wow. For the record, if it always hurts like that, ladies, I’m cool with y’all getting all hirsute!

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