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A new survey says the 'dream car' most Minnesotans would like to see in their garage in 2020 isn't one made by Ford, GM, Chrysler-- but it IS from a domestic automaker.

If someone asked you what your 'dream car' is, how would you answer? If money wasn't an object (which, I guess it wouldn't be-- it's a 'dream car,' after all), I'd probably have said a Ford Mustang or a tricked-out Dodge Charger. Or, better yet, a fully-loaded, top of the line Chevy Tahoe (to help get me to the station early in the morning in the middle of a cold Minnesota winter even when the roads haven't been plowed yet.)

But that's NOT the 'dream car' most Minnesotans want in their driveway this year. At least, not the Minnesotans who were part of this new survey from the crew over at the auto parts site partcatalog.com. Over the past three months, they tracked mentions of "dream car" and #dreamcar, and then compiled the vehicle most associated with that term in each state.

And here in Minnesota, the 'dream car' we want most here in 2020 is the Tesla Model 3. And according to this Edmunds.com report, you can get one for anywhere between $37,990 to $54,990. (I can see why that makes it a 'dream car' for many of us!) Teslas are, of course, all-electric cars and don't run on gasoline-- though you DO have to charge them. The Model 3 was also the 'dream car' in several other states, including Illinois, Washington, Oregon in the Pacific Northwest and in Massachusetts and Connecticut on the East Coast.

Meanwhile, over in my home state of Wisconsin, the Ford F150 pickup was named this year's 'dream car,' as it was South Dakota, Wyoming, Texas, South Carolina and several other states. (I'm kind of surprised it wasn't here in Minnesota, too, seeing as the F150 is often one of the most popular vehicles here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes). Down in Iowa, their 'dream car' for 2020 was the Ford Mustang-- also a solid choice.

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Courtesy partcatalog.com
Courtesy partcatalog.com

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