It's not a big store, but it has a big place in Rochester's music history...and soon, we'll have to say goodbye to this downtown business. I'm talking about Welhaven Music, in Rochester for 64 years, on Broadway, tucked under the Center Street Parking Ramp. Are they closing? No. But we are going to say goodbye to it. Twice.

Wellhaven - music mart

The first goodbye comes as Welhaven has merged with Music Mart. A Minnesota Company, Music Mart has three other locations, the closest in Faribault. The new business name is Welhaven Music Mart.

John and Tom Welhaven, who’ve run the business since their dad passed away many years ago, will keep doing instrument repairs, but that’ll be separate from the retail and leasing side of things.

Did all this happen just now? According to John, it started months ago, when the snow started melting, then not melting, then melting, etc. Inside the store, it looks mostly the same, but the shirts say Music Mart.  The name has changed slightly, too. Now it's called, "Welhaven Music Mart."

The second goodbye? Eventually, Music Mart will move to a location with lots of parking, and eventually, the 129-year-old building makes way for development in Downtown Rochester. But for now, a few new faces with new shirts and a banner in the store are different.

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