Rochester's biggest summer block party isn't just about the amazing food, music or beer... it's an opportunity to make a serious fashion statement.

No one has actually said this to me verbatim, but every time I make my way to Thursdays on 1st and 3rd, I can't help but notice that the women of Rochester (and men!) will sometimes take this as an opportunity to look really good! There's no actual dress code, but still - it's nice to see!

I've observed this for two summers now, so I figured it's finally time to put a photo gallery together of some of the best-dressed ladies that I saw last night.

Check out these looks!

Fashion at Thursdays

Let's break these looks down...

First, you'll see Krista's GORGEOUS romper, matching handbag and cute black wedges. She's new to the area. She told me she scored her amazing look in Montreal. She's constantly finding new ways to wear this look too!

Hayley rocked her look next. It's another cute jungle patterned romper with comfy flip-flops. She scored this at Charlotte Russe.

Lastly, I caught a group of ladies comfy in Target gear. Classic, comfy, and ready for a summer night out - what's better!? They couldn't (and didn't) go wrong.

Which look was your favorite? My personal favorite was Krista's, but how can you ignore any of them really?

This summer, don't be afraid to rock a cute outfit at Thursdays! Or, go comfy. Whatever you feel! Wedges are a nice heel "compromise" because they won't kill you like heels can, and you can still dance. Loafers are also perfect for this too.

Oh, and btw - BE AWARE OF BABY-BOMBERS!!!!


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