I love waffles...a LOT. So, when I saw a story about a fight over a waffle maker, I was shocked. Waffle People are civilized people, thoughtful people, and caring people. 

The short version of the story:

Over Memorial Day weekend more than two dozen people were forced to leave the America’s Best Value Inn in Pere Marquette Township, MI. Why? A waffle maker.

Apparently there was a line at the waffle maker, and someone cut in line (or people thought someone cut in line), and that sparked a verbal argument.The dispute quickly escalated and police were called in after around 30 people became involved. According to the police, they had two-thirds of their road patrol tied up on this fiasco.  No one was injured.

Now, except for the fact that this was a Belgian waffle maker (ugh...to big, too fancy, too...too), this is a tragic tale. I love waffles. And to to think waffles could separate people, well...it's just too much to take.

Reading the story brought back great memories of the Great Waffle Maker Search of 2014.

You see, I love waffles. I may have mentioned that. In fact, I love them so much, I searched high and low to find the perfect waffle maker. After almost a year of searching,  the Grill and Waffler was discovered at an estate sale, and the discoverer called me, and told me to rush right over. I did...and my search ended.

Here is a video of the waffle iron that filled my craving.

See the sleek lines, the shallow cooking thingy? Well, that was sure to bring me the waffle love for which I searched. And it did! Well, after the first try or two. Using a special recipe, regular wafflery became a part of my life. (Recipe link below.)

Make some, freeze some, and feel happiness every day.

And that's why I'm confused by the fight over the hotel waffle scuffle. What gives? Real waffle fans would follow The Dude's example, and just...abide. Abide, and enjoy the waffles.

Excuse me for a second, I feel some silliness coming on...

You want waffles, Dude? I can get you waffles, dude. There are ways. You don't want to know about them, but there are ways to get waffles. With jam.

And now, pictures of the waffler...and other waffles, too.