The Rochester real estate market is moving so fast. House on sale one week, boom, sold the next. Here are four fast ways to make your home worth more!


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You know the kitchen is a great place to start, but you don't need to go all in and gut the place. Just freshen it up! HGTV says you can just take down the ugly wallpaper, throw in the stainless-steel appliances, and change a few light fixtures. Boom.

Those fancy gourmet kitchens look great, and a lot of people THINK they want it, but the reality is, most of us cook in a new house just like we cooked in the old house. We're talking about making quick, less expensive changes, tho,'s up to you.


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Again, we're going for in-and-out-no-mussin'-about, so they'll cost you less and return more when you sell. For quick and lower cost, don't change the layout. It's OK to change the tub, shower, sink, and tile IF it's dated looking. If not, some new paint, a couple light fixtures, new light switches and outlets, and boom. Done. Well, consider new towels, too. You deserve 'em.


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I didn't expect to see this one when I started reading up on the topic, but a lot of experts say replacing the siding makes a big difference. Maybe the number one difference because it's the first thing people see. And if people think the outside looks good, and you've done the other two easy fixes, you're on your way to selling your house. Need proof, think about how many homes you won't even consider because they don't have any curb appeal. You dismiss 'em without a second thought.


This is the tough part, right? You gotta do your research. Google the area businesses, line up appointments (which means a ton of phone calls). Such a hassle.

Orrrr, you could just join us Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at the Rochester Home


Vacation and RV Show at the Mayo Civic Center. Instead of waiting 'til March, meet all the contractors in one place THIS weekend.

You'll be able to get have real conversations with everyone and set up all your appointments bing, bang, boom. Easy, right?

The Rochester, Home, Vacation and RV Show is powered by Universal Marine and RV. Click HERE for times and all that jazz.


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