Look at those dogs! They're looking at the Funniest Dog Picture You'll See This Year and they can hardly keep a straight face. That's because it's so doggone funny! They're looking at a picture of my brother, John Rabe's dog. John lives out in Los Angeles and sent the pic to the family by text and I don't remember loving a dog picture more. Here it is...you love it, too, right?

Credit: John Rabe
Credit: John Rabe

I'm dyin'! His name is Eoghan. And he's a good dog!

Dog owners are a rare breed. John, like many others, can make friends with dog owners wherever he finds them. Walking around Twin Falls, ID, he and I came upon a golden lab, and after asking if he could pet the dog, John got down with the dog and played and pet and snurfled. He and the human had an instant connection. Because...dogs. I've seen this scenario played out over and over with many different friends and strangers alike.

As we walked away John said to me, "We don't deserve dogs...they're better than humans ever could be."


Back in Septemeber, I asked y'all for your dog pics. Let's relive the cuteness!

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