No smoking. There's a bunch of ways to say it. The most common is with a sign, and the best sign in Rochester is a planter!

Cornfield Maze in La Union, New Mexico
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I remember when bars and restaurants around here went smoke free. The signs were up, and the smell was great. But pretty soon, everyone was smoke free, and the signs were everywhere.

Sometimes, I swear there are so many, people don't notice them anymore. That's why THIS one caught my eye. I was walking from the Mayo Civic Center to Y-105FM's studio, and as I passed The Francis, my eyes went right to the planter. i saw a note on a sign, which I had to read, you know?

So, I took a look, and the first thing i thought was, "This is probably the first No Smoking Sign I've noticed in a long time. Check it's great!

A cute message, and, more importantly, I noticed it!

Well played, Francis! Well played.

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