You won't believe what the latest hubbub is all about.

I am a sci-fi fan. Loved The Force Awakens. Can't wait for Rogue One. We are THIRTEEN DAYS away from Star Trek Beyond!

Let me tell you why I like Star Trek. It's all about a future where we have FINALLY figured it all out and solved all of the problems we have today. After all that's happened this last week, with the shooting in Falcon Heights and the shooting in Dallas - the "worst police incident since 9/11" - I'm in the mood for something better.

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The latest hubbub is all about the new Mr. Sulu in Star Trek Beyond. John Cho, from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, American Pie and FOX's Sleepy Hollow, plays Mr. Sulu. He's married to actress Kerri Higuchi. They have two kids.

In Star Trek Beyond, it is revealed (SPOILER ALERT!) that Mr. Sulu is in a domestic relationship and he and his partner have a daughter.

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The original Mr. Sulu, George Takei has been openly gay since 2005. He says that it is an unfortunate development to make the new Mr. Sulu gay. He says that that was not the original intent for the character. The Star Trek Beyond cast, including Simon Pegg, who both plays engineer Scotty and co-wrote the movie, are excited about Sulu's new direction.

Star Trek was about a better world. A better world than we have had this last week. It was also about diversity. Men and women, whites and blacks and Russians all exploring the universe. The original Star Trek had the first inter-racial kiss. It was all about uniting all of us humans together - against the rest of the universe of "evil aliens" like Klingons.

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So, basically, an openly gay actor who played a straight character, thinks it's a shame that a straight actor is playing his old character as gay.

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