I love watching construction, road work, and snow blowing. But when Rochester clears the snumps it kicks my "that is so cool" up a notch! Watch the giant snowblower in action.

RS12880_Bozeman Road Construction 2-scr

As a kid, they redid the street and sidewalks in front of our house. I was out there everyday watching the work...tearing up the old blacktop, smashing the old sidewalk, the surveyors, the little string, the cement mixer, the big ugly thing that lays the asphalt in such a nice smoooooth layer. ((sigh)) I loved every second of it.

When they redid 4th Street SW, right in front of the station, I would take lunch breaks, breakfast breaks, and in between songs breaks to watch the big crane do its thing, the cement mixer...the whole thing. I was doing the show with Tracy then and she'd just shake her head at my love of all things buidlign.

Doesn't matter how old I get, I love this stuff.

And this morning, watching the giant snowblower and all those trucks lined up ready to receive the stead arc of snow...well, I was 12 again.

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