I was all ready to make fun of this thing I found on the internet machine. But every review I read says it works...so maybe it's the perfect Valentine's gift...for you and for him.

Sometimes I go looking for odd inventions. My goal is to find 'em, then get the company to give me some to give-away on the air. The Oreo Cookie Dunker and the Always Crispy Cereal Bowl are the kinds of thing I'm looking for, so we gave 'em away.

I know a lot of men with crooked goatees, and I assume it bothers their significant smoochers. But is this the solution? You hold it in your mouth and you shave around it. What guys want to look like a character from Batman?

CREDIT: Click for link

Turns out...a lot of men.

The thing gets super good reviews. They all start out skeptical, and then by the end, they're won over.

So kudos to the inventor...and kudos to me for helping you find the perfect Valentine's gift.

"Honey, I love you, but I'd love you MORE if your lip foliage was even. Ugh, I can barely look at you baby!"


Plus, the Amazon reviews are pretty adult, but pretty funny, too.

Will using this product improve my goat abilities, or make me more like a goat?
Answer: No, silly person. What a daft question. Even children know that such a thing is impossible with a mere device. You need a level 4 (at least) enchantment for shape shifting, provided you have all of the components, elements, and spells prepared and rehearsed ahead of time.

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