Seriously though, sorry for what I said during the harvest moon. I'm told it's not my fault! I'm an Aries. And supposedly the harvest moon brought out the darkest traits in every horoscope - especially Aries.

The harvest moon happened late last night. According to Awareness Act, this harvest moon was going to bring out my moody side making me lash out and jump on everyone. EEK! I didn't feel overly moody yesterday. Or today, for that matter. It was a weird weekend though, and I could totally tell that a full moon was coming. Did you notice?

Here are the traits that will be or have been more dominant during the harvest moon:

  • Taurus - Extra stubborn
  • Gemini - Indecisive
  • Cancer - Insecure
  • Leo - Arrogant
  • Libra - Self-pity
  • Scorpio - Jealousy
  • Sagittarius - Impatient
  • Capricorn - Negative thinking
  • Aquarius - Emotionally evasive
  • Pisces - Fearful

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