The Dough-Headery abounds right here in Southeastern Minnesota! Want proof? Check out the Case of the Flying Blizzard.

A story from says Melissa, 35-year old from Jordon, was at a Blooming Prairie grocery store having an issue with her husband. Or he with her. The story isn't entirely clear on that.

Anyway, the police were there and Melissa took off running. An officer went after her, caught up with her no problem, and that's when it went from "Oh, just stop." to "Rabe  Shot" level. She threw a DQ Blizzard at the officer, hitting him in the face and upper body.

It was a solid hit. He was Blizzarded from head to chest and, despite the chilly reception, (RIM SHOT!) he and another officer held on to her. She fought hard, but in the end, as it always does, what was called 'the fray' quickly ended and Melissa is facing a bunch of charges.

My favorite line in the whole story is, "The complaint does not mention the flavor of the Dairy Queen Blizzard."


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