Most every year I whine about people putting out chairs a day or so ahead of a parade to "reserve" their spot. Well, today, Todd sent in a fake commercial that are going to love. I set it to music and added pictures and boom! Funny.

First off, and again, this isn't serious. Don't do this. It is a joke.

OK, now that the corporate lawyers and muckity-mucks are happy, here's the deal. I noticed on Wednesday (when I came back from Idaho) a bunch of chairs out to hold spectator spots for the parade. It bugs me, but no one else, so whatevs. But next to the chairs or under the chairs, or down the street?

Blankets. Comforters. That sort of thing.

When did that enter the mix? And again I ask, "How has no one had their stolen?" People steal all the time, why not this stuff? Who knows, but I do know that the best way to get from annoyed to irritation is comedy, so when Tood sent in that commercial, I had to add music and video!