What's your part-time job? A lot of us work two jobs, and I'm no different. I do a ton of public speaking, a bunch of leadership training, and em ceeing, too! And this time it was Paw Patrol, the greatest show for kids! This is the story of my most recent trip.


I love traveling around the county doing the announcing for stuff. The loudest most pumped up are fun 5k's. One of my first was in Philadelphia and I was 18 feet up from 14,000 people all hollerin' and screamin' and jammin' at my command. I say JUMP and they JUMP! It is so much fun.

Reaching down deep and helping people find a way to be present in their lives...in the lives of the people around them...that's a passion of mine, and I do that with keynote addresses around the nation.

It was hot. Hot hot hot. Like 98 degrees.

But this past Saturday was fun in a whole new way. Paw Patrol, the Roll Patrol Road Tour is fantastic for kids. Not just pictures with their favorite pups, but games, a race track,big toy area, a stage filled with photo opportunities and new season stuff, a surprise new pup, a jungle bridge, huge periscopes...everywhere there were kids having a blast, and parents having fun, too.

It was a last minute gig, I got the call Wednesday from my buddy Brandon, a guy that is in the business of solving problems just like finding talent at the last minute. By Thursday I had airline tickets, rental car, hotels, all that jazz lined up. Friday I flew out, had drinks with my sister Kate in Ft Collins, Saturday I did the gig and Sunday I flew home. Sunburned, tired, and with a big smile on my tired face.

The video has all the pictures and explanations, but if you wanna see 'em again, boom.

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