Would you call the cops on a bad haircut? A 22-year-old in Madison, WI did, and when you see the cut, you'll agree!

According to the Madison State Jouirnal, last Friday the guy just wanted his sides shaved, and an inch off the top (for the holidays). But, apparently, he was fidgety. The stylist, Khaled A. Shabani, grabbed his ear, told him to sit still, then clipped his ear!

Then, Shabani reportedly grabbed the shortest attachment and clipped a reverse-mohawk into the poor guy's hair (he got out of the chair and went to another stylist to have his head totally shaved,

CREDIT: Madison Police Department
CREDIT: Madison Police Department

Then he called the cops. Not for the bad haircut (the police said that's not against the law), but for the clipped ear.

The stylist said it was an accident.

You buyin' that?


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