I love talking about my kidney transplant three and a half years ago. I hope it encourages people to donate, but, here's a situation where talking about it saved not one life, but two!I It was a domino donation, and here's how it worked...

John McWilliams teaches high school biology and coaches high school football in Texas, and he needed a liver transplant. Matthew Beeler, a guy on the same coaching staff, stepped up and McWilliams had his liver.

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TSM Media

But, it turned out, his liver wasn't a bad liver, it was just a bad liver for him. It might work really well in another person. That's when Randy Myers from Dilworth (yes, here in Minnesota!) comes into the picture. Myers needed a liver, too, so all three of 'em got together at the Gift of Life Transplant House, headed down the street to Mayo, and the most amazing game of dominoes began.

(KAAL) ... on March 26th, 2015 all three men went into surgery at Mayo Clinic. First Beeler, donated 63% of his liver to McWilliams, then McWilliams’ donated to Myers.

Think about that for a second. McWilliams needed a liver, he was going to die without it, so he lines up a volunteer, and then finds out he can save another person's life. And boom...it happens. Not only very cool on a personal level when people are so selfless, but medically?

On WDAY, up in Fargo, Meyers said, "It’s just an act of God, that's all I can say, just amazing." And it is. Simply. Amazing.

If you'd like to help make more of these stories possible, please donate to the Gift of Life Transplant House. One fun way to help is to attend the Gala of the Decades - 1980's this August. Click HERE to learn more!

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