What's the most you'd ever pay for a meal without hating yourself? Not your standard midweek lunch; I'm talking a nice dinner for a special occasion. Like Thanksgiving. A couple hundred bucks, maybe?

Call me crazy, but I'm guessing you aren't in the five-figure range.

That's why I was shocked to discover that a New York City steakhouse is serving our country's most expensive Thanksgiving dinner. The cost?


Gross. So what does a $76,000 meal look like? I'm glad you asked! You may want to sit down for this.

To recap, and keep in mind, this is a dinner for just EIGHT people:

  • $100 imported king oysters
  • $75 Dekopon oranges
  • $225-per-pound smoked bacon slabs
  • $475-per-pound imported Japanese Wagyu beef lollipops (before I die, I will know what this tastes like)
  • a $3,300 bourbon gravy
  • a $4,800 Louis XIII cognac
  • $105-per-pound organic turkey
  • $17-per-ounce Italian olive oil
  • $1,600-per-ounce black caviar
  • $455-per-pound imported Swedish moose cheese (???)
  • a $46 sourdough loaf
  • $54-per-pound foie gras

But that's not all! The meal also includes four tickets to Hamilton, limo service, two nights at a fancy hotel, a $7,500 Fifth Avenue shopping spree, and a $20,000 Swiss watch. Because of course a $20,000 watch is included.

Maybe this is because I'm a lowly peasant who can't afford to spend $475 on whatever a beef lollipop is, but this seems like an extremely dumb and tacky way to blow your money. I'll be fine with my turkey and cranberry sauce leftover sandwich, thank-you-very-much.

Source: CNBC




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