Everyone's tables are overflowing with seasonal and flavorful eateries for Thanksgiving... but what's the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe from every state? Glad you asked!

According to the New York Times, Thanksgiving is the one holiday where most families and gatherings have basically the same things every year.

For instance with my family, besides a massive turkey you'll always find pounds of lefse and stuffing on the table. Us Norwegians love to make scandinavian tacos with it and devour every single bite.

The sides consist of green bean casserole, baked corn and mashed potatoes & gravy. And of course, all those desserts! My aunts French Silk Pie is to DIE for... love you Teri!

However, the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe by state included:

  • Minnesota – Wild Rice Casserole (or hotdish if you prefer)
  • Iowa – Snicker Apple Salad
  • Wisconsin – Beer (kidding, it's Brownberry Stuffing). I've never had it, but if it has "stuffing" in the title, I'm down.

If you wanna check out a recipe for the Wild Rice Casserole, CLICK HERE.

No matter what dishes dominate your Thanksgiving this year, please enjoy in moderation... or not, it's your holiday!

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