Now that Time Magazine has named President-elect Donald Trump as Person of the Year, who is the most influential made-up character of 2016?

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Are you influenced by made-up characters? I think Time magazine may be putting together a list of the top characters of the year that got the most reaction - good or bad - from you and me.

These seem to be who people are most talking about.

Who are the Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2016? Here are the Top 5.

5. Harley Quinn. Played by Margot Robbie in this year's Suicide Squad movie. Word is she will be back next in an all-female super villain movie.

4. Barb from Netflix's Stranger Things

3. Deadpool. Played by Ryan Reynolds. While a sequel is in the works, Reynolds is trying to talk Hugh Jackman into reuniting for a buddy team-up film. The two were last together sparring in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It wasn't a bad film. Reynolds had very little screen time as Deadpool and the finale... (SPOILER ALERT) he was mute during the entire fight scene. Word is, after this coming Wolverine movie, Jackman is retiring from the role.

2. Barbie. She has been a staple for years. The interwebs nearly cracked itself in half when word was released that Amy Schumer would be starring in a comedy as Barbie.

1. Pepe the Frog. He looks like a character from Spongebob, but he's a fringe comic character created back in 2005 by Matt Furie. Pepe gained infamy this year when he was used as a political symbol. Furie is hoping that any polarizing political connection fades. Couple months back, in October, Furie said that Pepe "was love".

Check out the rest of Time's Top 10 here. Have they nailed it, or did they miss one, y'think?


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