Have you ever maybe done something like, say, padded or embellished - lied - on your resume? What's the most ridiculous thing a person has put on a resume?

I've been very blessed to do what I love to do for a very long time. I've got some interesting things on my resume that are ridiculous, but true. I started out as a radio stunt man. If there was a candidate poll for the election, I was the guy out on the corner that had a box of donuts for either candidate. I've done topless maid service. I've ridden a bull when the rodeo came to town. I've even ridden an ostrich, which is not an easy thing to do. Sitting on the back of an ostrich is like sitting on a bag of bones. Their neck is all floppy, kinda like a garden hose. I had to have a couple guys lift me up and put me on the back of a baby ostrich. The ostrich had a sock over it's eyes so it wouldn't freak out. When the sock was pulled off, the ostrich took off running. I was still there in my spot, with the two guys holding on to me to keep me in place. Ridiculous, but true.

According to CareerBuilder.com, 77% of human resources managers have found lies, misteaks mythtakes errors, or something totally ridiculous on someone's resume. Like, one guy's name was Flin, but autocorrect renamed him Flinstone and he didn't catch it before he sent his resume off. A person wanting to draw attention to the fact that they pay GREAT attention to detail, misspelled the word "attention".

The most ridiculous thing that showed up on a resume? A person listed "taking long walks" as a skill. Unless you're applying for a job as a letter carrier or a delivery person, that's probably not that unique a skill.