Next to birthdays and anniversaries, Thanksgiving has got to be my favorite day of the year. Why? Well, let me tell you.








I remember Thanksgivings that were pretty quiet. There were a lot of those. Fourteen years of quiet Thanksgivings, just Cathy and me. Oh, they still got pretty loud. We'd spend Thanksgiving with family or friends with kids. But the early mornings and the end of the day were quiet.

Not anymore.

Now, there's a full table. And the best part is going around the table and sharing one thing - one real thing - that each of us is thankful for. Every year, I'm thankful for more and more. It's like a reverse Christmas list - not the things I want, but the things I have that I'm grateful for.

We're not the only ones! Just under half asked said that family and friends were the best part of Thanksgiving. 24% of "gluttons" (I'm kidding) asked, said that it was the food. An even smaller minority said relaxing and watching football.

The American Farm Bureau Foundation found last week that Thanksgiving for 10 should only cost about $50. Somewhere around $5 per person. 65% percent asked said they're spending more than than, closer to $100 to make Thanksgiving dinner special and memorable.

Make this year unforgettable! That's what Cathy and I plan to do for our kids. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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