Did you know that there is a sport in Rochester that you can play that is fun, is great exercise, and is a sport where you can stay safe while social distancing?

My 15-year-old introduced me to the game of disc golf a few weeks ago.  It's a hobby he picked up thanks to some people inviting him to play and now it's probably one of his favorite things to do.  I've gone out a few times with him and my other kiddos and here are 5 things to know if you want to try it too:

1)  Where can you play?  Woodside Park (the old IBM park) has a great course.  East Park and Slatterly are also open for public use.

2)  How can you keep score?  Scoring is pretty easy and we've been using the UDisc App to help with this task.  It's super easy to use, all of the rules are right there at your fingertips, and you can even find out when there are disc golf events happening in the area.  If you are ready to play, you can download it here.

3)  Plan on walking...a lot!  Wear your good walking shoes because you will be walking a lot.  Sometimes you will go up a small incline or down one so make sure you have some with really good grip.  You also might think that you will throw perfectly, but trust me, your disc is going to end up in a bush, the woods, or even a farm field, so just be prepared to go on a hunt.  The good news about this is that sometimes that hunt can lead to finding other lost discs.

4)  Bring some water.  If it is warm out, you will get hot and work up a sweat, so stay hydrated and bring some water with you.

5)  Where do you get the discs to play?  There are quite a few places in the area that sell the discs and also bags to help you carry them.  We made a few stops at some stores in Rochester and found some items at Sports Headquarters on Broadway and also Scheels.

What Does Disc Golf Look Like

I'm just a newbie in this sport (and I'm not very good!) but I will say that everyone we've met and said "hi" to from a safe distance has been so nice.  Even as I almost hit you with my disc because I have terrible aim, you still smile back at me.  To everyone out there on the courses and showing kindness, thank you!

What's your favorite sport to play?  I'd love to hear about it.  Please, send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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