The first time I saw a dead deer on the back of a truck was on my way to Thanksgiving with the inlaws in Illinois.  We were just driving along on I-90 and this huge truck came by and several hooves were sticking out from a tarp.

I didn't grow up around hunting so this was a new sight for my eyes and to be honest, I had a hard time with it.  I practically threw up right there.  I didn't - don't worry - but I had a lot of practice on strengthening my stomach on that trip because there were at least 8 more vehicles that drove by with dead deer piled up high.

My husband does hunt turkeys, but here is the deal...I pray for each animal that they will all stay safe and hide on the mornings he goes out.  Not all of my prayers have been answered though and we have had a few turkeys show up in the back of his truck.

For those that have the stomachs and can handle hunting, I have a tip for you that I found that might help you haul in your big kill a little bit easier.  I hear that the deer are heavy and have watched my neighbors haul their 4 wheelers when they go off hunting but this idea is a bit cheaper and easier - and could make a great gift!  ;)  Check out the video at this link or below:

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