You have a stash. And you have to hide it or your kids'll eat it. And not even feel guilty about it. So, where do you hide it? This is the perfect place.

I was in Mantorville with my friend. We had breakfast, then did some shoppping and I found all sorts of weirdness (and coolness). See pictures of it all below.

But on the "Mom's Stash" front, look at that cookie jar in the video! No little kid would think of even touching it. You could put it in front of them at dinner, and the only thing you'd end up with a bill for counseling.

It's the perfect stash protector.

As far as I know, it hasn't been sold yet, so hit Mantorville and that antique shop/mall right when you drive in (on the left). Just ask for the creepy clown cookie jar. If it has been sold, don't worry. the place is full of old cookie jars.

If you don't want to spend any money on storing your stash, you could hit up Pinterest, but, c'mon, who has time for that? Here's a solution that wouldn't cost you a thing, and takes maybe 15 seconds to activate.


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