Driving home from work, I usually drive by Folwell Elementary School before school is out. Yesterday was different and so things were moving a bit slower. I like seeing the kids and parents out together, it's fun. So, I don't mind the wait. And when the crossing guard motioned me thru, so I could turn right onto the frontage road, I turned with a smile on my face.


A smile that quickly changed to freak out when I heard a siren the second I turned the corner. Turn, siren, boom. I looked around, couldn't see any police lights, so I kept going. In fact, I made it all the way home, the police so close I could hear them like they were next to me.

But I couldn't see 'em. So, I kept a very close watch on my driving, kept trying to see the police in my review mirror, and when I parked at home...I realized what happened. There were no police chasing me. Why did I think there was? Watch the video, my friend. It'll show you how big a dough-head I can be.

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