I was minding my own business, thinking nothing of it, and boom! This Christmas tree was totally rude to me! No, seriously...look! 

My nephew Bill loves to get pictures from his family. He'd be happy if his phone was buzzing all day with thousands of pictures. So, we all try to do our best and send him at least a few pictures a day.

Yesterday, I got it in my head I'd like a picture from him, so I sent a text...

"Bill, send me a picture."

No response.

"Bill, c'mon...send me a picture!"

Still nothing.

"Bill, I DOUBLE DOG DARE you to send me a picture."

Boom. I get a picture of their yet to be decorated Christmas tree.

Notice anything?

Look again.

Nope? Still not seeing it?

Here, let me help.


He sent a picture, all right, but he flipped me off at the same time! Oh, man, I laughed so loud the whole restaurant looked at me.