Some people do small town bar tours. I think that's fun, but a small town breakfast tour? even better. On Saturday I drove West a bit and landed in the town known for garbage truck production. From now on, tho, let's remember if for the giant table utensils.

Photo by James Rabe
Photo by James Rabe

Drive to Dodge Center, hit downtown, pay attention so you don't drive into a middle-of-the-street-row of plowed snow (I did...twice), and you'll see the cafe with the silverware on it. The Pure Country Cafe. One step inside and you'll feel right at home. Its that kind of place.

Instead of my usual "tester" breakfast (eggs, bacon or sausage, and hashbrowns with toast), I ventured outside the box and had the corned beef hash, eggs, a sausage patty, hash browns, and coffee. It was good...very satisfying and skillfully cooked. The bread is homemade (get the cinnamon swirl) and the jam tasted homemade. Points for both.

BREAKFAST TOUR - Pure Country Cafe 02

The menu is pretty enticing,  including a taco omelet, which I'll be back for.  The decor is very cafe, very historical. Check out the pictures below to see the prices from many years ago (when you could get eggs, meat, coffee, and toast for less than a dollar!

The staff is small, but they're super friendly and know their stuff. I imagine at peak breakfast time it might be a little crowded and loud, but that's one of the things I love about small-town cafes. They're alive with the town.

If you've read my breakfast reviews, you know I don't do stars. I just say, "I recommend this place...a good, slightly adventurous (always ask about the specials!) well-cooked breakfast awaits you." 

When you go, do NOT be me. Don't say, "Uh, yeah, I'll have the boot." They've heard that joke a million times, so you're not scoring any humor-points there. Now if I had said, "Yeah, gimmie the left boot!" Chelsea the waitress would have laughed energetically.

The James Rabe Coffee Review: You'll need one cream, 1 sugar.*

Pure Country Cafe


  • No sugar, no cream = best.
  • 4 sugars, 4 creamers = Drinking this out of an old slipper could only improve the taste.

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