Music festivals are amazing things. They're fun, they're loud, they're full of good food, and, sometimes, you meet someone for the first time, and realize it's the second time you met them...for the first time. At Harvest Jam. 

Saturday, at Harvest Jam, I was losing at bags, hard, so I quit that and took a bunch of pictures. When I have the time, I like to talk to the people I'm shooting, and usually it's just quick, get to know you kinda stuff. Saturday, tho, it ended up being one of those, "Holy moly, time is weird!" moments.

First, this conversationhappened.

Harvest Jam Goer: Wait, I know your voice.You're James Rabe!

Me: I am! Who are...

HJG: I was in your class at a young writers conference back when I was a freshman in high school.

Me: Wow, that's awesome you remember!

HJG: I'm 25 now...((obviously doing the math)), you're old!

Me: ...

Then I took the selfie, where you can see me trying to figure out what just happened.

I loved doing those Young Writer's Conferences. We started in Rochester, and then it moved to Winona, and for two or three days, I taught 3 classes my patented brainstorming method (not really patented, but it is a really great way to unlock your brain when it won't let the words out). Grade school up to middle school, and sometimes high school, too.

I was doing the night show on KROC when I started presenting, a time when I was usually going to bed around 2:30AM. The conference start time was always butt-crack-of-dawn early, so I was exceptionally well coffee'd and manic.

Over the years I've met a ton of students. Some at conferences, some thru Key Club, and others just because I'm in radio. One of my greatest blessings is having a job that has allowed me the time to meet, to get to know, and then stay in touch with people.

Thank you for that...for the trust and the connections. It means the world to me.