That's Dave Berg in the background. In front, as he always is, is Kidney Dangerfield! Who is he? He's my kidney!


No, really. Shortly after my kidney transplant (in 2012), my longtime and awesome co-host Cori Jensen (to the right with her husband on their way to their new Fargo-area house) sent me this amazing stuffed kidney.

Obviously, it wasn't just a stuffed kidney. It was a sign of love, from many miles away (I was in Idaho at the time). Moms are busy, career moms are busy, and to get a task done is an amazing thing. Doubly so when you're in radio.

But, there it was, this amazing kidney. Stuffed and ready for...what? What does one do with a stuffed kidney? Well, I don't know about most people. but I knew what to do.

My friend Danielle and I brainstormed. What do we call this gift from God? Kidney Dangerfield, of course! Why? Well, because he tells bad jokes! Most of which you'll hear over the next week!

If you've never thought about giving your organs to those in need, please do!


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