Saturday was Christmas Anonymous. My friend Julie and I volunteered for the first shift, and spent the first hour moving stuff from inside the toasty warm church to outside...and then what happened? 

Then I was stationed on a corner to help with the package pickup...I had a marker and a walkie-talkie. I alerted the loading crew what number was coming, and how many bags they had. The marker was to mark the windshield with the shopper number, how many bags, and if they had a bike. Oh, and the size food box they'd receive.

What made it so much fun? It was fast paced, and that always helps. I had just enough time to learn the job, shoot a quick video, and then a retake because, ugh...the camera was too low...and that's it. The people started coming. And awesome people...that's the part that made it REALLY great. Talking to so many people in the cars, wishing 'em a Merry Christmas.

One guy was a humbug, but his wife gave him a look and said, "Baby, it's a Church...shush your mouth!  We prayed the Lord to provide, and you don't curse it when He answers!"