All of the grace & sparkle you see when the skaters do their thing. Did you know that the Olympic figure skating costumes are very costly? Probably more than you'd think! The glitter can cost up to $ 5000 per dress, and most skaters need more than one!  Designers say dress prices run from $1500-$5000 each.  Many years ago, I worked with a girl who was very heavy into skating.  She took lessons and practice and participated in some local competitions.  She was very athletic and a very nice girl.  She told me that she practiced several hours per day and that over time, between her skates, her equipment, her lessons, and the time, it was very costly, but she just loved it.   When you watch the skaters, they are so graceul, mostly, and I cant imagine all of the hard work that they put in to be able to do what they do.   I haven't the foggiest idea how!  I used to enjoy roller skating, but I was never great at it.  I remember how awesome it was to learn how to backwards skate, but it took me a long time to figure it out and practice to be able to actually do just that.