Do you have teenagers? How much does it cost to raise a teenager these days? The cost may surprise you!

I love my kids. They make me crazy, but I love them. When they start to make me crazy I remind them and myself that they chose me to be their Dad. Most kids have no idea what they've gotten themselves into! They didn't get a choice. My kids knew what they were getting into and still they picked me and Cathy to be their parents.

From the Bergchives

Justin a crazy for expensive shoes!


Ethan has decided that he wants to be a Marine because he wants to help people. Right now he loves to play video games. His birthday is coming up next week. He'll be 16. I don't mean to pick on him, but he nagged to get a haircut. He got one just for picture day last week. Just. For. Picture Day. picture day rolls around and he didn't want to wait around on line because the line was too long. For Picture Day. For his new haircut. Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my head around that one.


Bella is our Princess.

So, how expensive are teenagers, anyway? Science added up all the expenses, from birthdays, vacations, all the food they eat, clothes, cell phones, insurance and spending money...for a grand total of just over $37,000! It broken down to around $6,000 a year. The most expensive year being when a teenager turns 16. Like my son Ethan, turning 16 next week. The expenses kinda dwindle down a little, until around 25, when kids start paying their own way.

$37,000 to raise one teenager! And I've got three! Good thing their at the age when they can get part-time after school jobs!

Summer's over! Back to School! Then off to work!