Do you pay your kids for doing chores around the house? If you do, how much are they making off you? Science has figured out a salary cap for that.

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Our teenagers are moving away from an allowance toward getting jobs and making spending their own money. The chores they do around the house are more to help out. According to a new survey 68% think kids should get an allowance for doing chores around the house. 40% said an allowance should start somewhere between the ages of eight and ten years old. 30% said it should start as early as five!


The number one chore that kids can make bank on is mowing the lawn. On average a kid can make $6.28 every time they mow the lawn. That's gotta be a kid under the age of 15 or 16, 'cos there's no way my boys or my daughter would do it for that much. When my boy Justin started mowing the lawn, he went around the neighborhood and made himself a good chunk of change mowing. 'Pert near went into the lawn care business!

What are some other jobs kids can make coin off around the house?

Cleaning the garage can earn $5.20. Doing laundry can get $2.82. That must be for doing every one's laundry. I can't imagine paying for the kids to do their own laundry. At some point, I can see charging them rent on the washer and dryer, maybe after high school, when they're in college. We're talking about kids around ten to twelve years old.

Cleaning a common are like the living room can net $2,72; and taking care of the family pet - like feeding them or walking them can get $2.66.

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Pretty much kids can clean up by cleaning up!

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