Science says they might not.

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Growing up one of the important stories my dad always told me was how Grandma and Grandpa came over from The Old Country and found each other. Grandpa built the house we grew up in. Built it with his bare hands. He pulled trees right out of the ground and cut the timber with a butter knife. He drove the nails with his thumb. Grandpa was tough. Dad may have embellished. A little.

I got to watch Dad work around the house. I managed to pick up a few things. A friend of mine did show me how to change my air filters. I do know how to do some things around the house. Not many, but a few.

I do know how to change a light bulb.

My kids can navigate the most challenging levels of PlayStation, and fiddle with apps galore on an iPhone, and yet, I end up spending a lot of time explaining how the dishwasher; vacuum; broom; and washer and dryer all work.

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According to a new study released in the Daily Mirror, one out of eight people under 35 (pause, breathe) - under 35! - admit they don't know how to change a light bulb. 20% say that's because they've never been taught how to do basic things like that around the house by their parents!

Now, I'm no Ty Pennington, but I do know how some things work around the house. Like changing a light bulb.

Now, if my kids could just help me navigate GTA6 and Assassin's Creed on PlayStation...


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