This is probably the funniest thing I've seen all day. I'm laughing because it is SO true! What's got me crackin' up? Maybe you'll get a chuckle out of it, too.

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Do you have those plug-in air fresheners, too? Y'know, the ones that go in the electrical outlets? Makes the whole house smell fresh and clean. Like a day at the beach, or like pie - like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, or hot apple cider on a cold Tuesday in January with a Winter Storm Warning taking effect tonight from 6pm through tomorrow evening at 6pm. We have one in pert near every outlet.

We have Fabreze. We have candles. Just to fight off The Smellz.

I usually put on a gas mask when I go into my boys' rooms.

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I have to tell them every morning, before they get on the bus to make their beds. To pick their clothes up off the floor and put it in their hamper - even the socks that are standing up on their own. I have to remind them when it's their laundry day. If it takes longer than five seconds for them to answer, "When's the last time you took a shower?" It's time for them to take a shower.

Believe it or not there's a scientific reason for this!

A new study out of Denmark found that teenagers were less likely to recognize the smell of body odor! They also can not recognize the smell of soap either!

#ROTFLMAO. That's milk snortin' out your nose funny, right there, I don't care who ya are! There's gotta be an age when that changes, because my boys make sure that there is not a hair out of place. Plus they have, like, a pallet of body spray and body wash.

What smells CAN they recognize? Here are the top three:

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    We have to hide cookies - and chips. They're like bloodhounds! They can detect the scent of cookies coming into the house from the family room - downstairs. It's the one way we can be sure they will help bring the groceries in from the car. Buy a package of Oreos!

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    Kids put ketchup on everything, right? It's like that catch-all, go to condiment. I'll put ketchup on my eggs with breakfast. I've even scrambled a couple eggs, toasted some bread, grabbed a couple slices of turkey along with some cheese and highlighted that with some ketchup as a breakfast sandwich. I haven't tried just bread and ketchup like my boys have though...

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    Seriously, if there can be a cinnamon-spice, or apple air freshener, how about an air freshener that smells like Coca-Cola? That's a sweet refreshing scent isn't it? Cherry Coke... Mountain Dew...'course Coke Zero wouldn't exactly work, 'cos that would smell like...nothing, right? I've seen Coca-Cola and Mt. Dew chap sticks...what about deodorant?

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